Red Fender. Original painting 26” x 40”, brush-worked oil paints on canvas.
Red Fender features Keith Armstrong's pride and joy, his 1971 restored Harley-Davidson Electra Glide. Keith restores motorcycles and cars, vintage and modern, for a living. We went out twice for photo shoots. The first time, he role-played the Dispatcher for my painting Joint-Op. The second time, I took about 100 pictures as he showed me around his favorite haunts near his countryside home. I have pictures of Keith parked by the road patting his mother's horse as she rode by with her friend and her horse; Keith sitting on his bike in full leathers, with his bike and his boots beside it; and Keith playing with his dog. Keith is a very handsome man, so it surprised me that the image I painted of him had no Keith in it. And not even his whole Electra Glide was in it. Simply the front red fender.

In this painting, I wanted to fill the
right-hand frame of the canvas while leaving the left-hand side to create the mood and setting. The pastoral scene of calm lake waters and soft green leaves and grasses positioned against a hazy summer sky creates a total sensation of relaxation.

Besides the eye-catching drama that the color red imparts to any painting, it's the almost liquid state of the chrome captured here that really steals the show.