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Motorcycle Art by Manon Elder
Elder painting Goldammer at
Vegas Bikefest - October, 2008
   anon lder’s initial travels into motorcycle art started in 2001 when the subject of a portrait sitting asked to be painted on his Harley. She obliged and was surprised by her attraction to painting chrome surfaces and mechanical intricacies. Intrigued by the relationship between motorcycle and the rider, Elder – a portrait painter for 15 years before that – saw the glimmerings of a new path open up. She found that the motorcycle culture resonated with her own desire to experience new adventures in new locations. In 2003, Elder had a chance to...
Joint Op
   anon lder’s father, Robert Ducharme, was in the Air Force and she grew up in bases across Canada and in France. This painting is a tribute to him. Joint-Op, is a 36" x 54", oil on canvas painting of a 1943 WLC Canadian War Harley and an American 1941 Curtiss P40-E painted with the Aleutian Tiger motif. The Aleutian Tiger came into being as a tribute to Claire Chennault of AVG fame. In 1942, Claire’s son John, was the CO of the American 11th Pursuit Squadron that began joint operations with the 14th Squadron RCAF, to rid the Japanese stronghold of two Aleutian islands. A major assault from the American 343rd Battalion and the...